Manicure Table Lamp to Be Sold at Walmart

Manicured table lamps will be sold at Walmart starting Tuesday as part of a deal to sell the retailer’s “futuristic” floral table lamps.

The lamps are made of wood and feature a floral design on the front that is not the typical, modern look of traditional table lamps, according to the retailer.

The deal, which the retailer said was announced Tuesday, comes at a time when furniture retailers have been trying to get back into the digital era with the advent of Apple TV and Amazon Echo devices, said Steve Mascara, senior vice president for marketing and communications at Walmart.

“Walmart is looking at a lot of digital products,” Masca said.

“We have a lot in store for the future.”

The move to sell traditional table lamp fixtures was a major push from the retailer this year, and it is also a sign that it is looking to move away from traditional lamps in the future.

The company has also been looking to sell furniture items on the Amazon Echo, and Mascana said Tuesday the company was also considering making the Echo an extension of its catalog.