How to turn your concrete table into a beautiful, colorful lamp

A stylish and fun lamp can make your home a great place to be on Halloween, and that’s exactly what a Colorado man has done.

Brian Vincenzetti of Colorado Springs made his home into a stylish, colorful and beautiful wooden table lamp.

Brian’s wife and three kids were invited over from New York to celebrate Halloween with their family.

Brian was thrilled to have them in his home, and they are thrilled to share their home with him, his wife said.

Brian is a master craftsman who spends a lot of time thinking about his craft.

He has been making tables and chairs for years and was inspired to create a table lamp that looks and feels like a table, Vincenzetti said.

His inspiration was a wooden table, he said, and he was hoping to create something that looked like a concrete one, something he could bring back to his home.

“We wanted to make a beautiful table lamp with a beautiful color and a decorative pattern that would complement the rest of the house,” Vincenberg said.

The family decided to give the table a new name, which they will use for their next table lamp purchase.

Brian said he will be using it as his new table lamp every year.

The first one is on display at the Art Center of Denver, and there are about 10 other lamps that are going up on the gallery’s patio.

Vincenzati said the tables he designed for the family are a work in progress.

“It took about a year of thought, so I’m just starting with it now,” he said.

“It will take me at least a couple of years to get it done.”

Vincenzer said he hopes the tables will become a staple of the home.

The table he made for the Vinceniks will be used for their holiday table.