Why are we still trying to figure out how to get this old, broken, and poorly lit Christmas tree off our property?

New Jersey residents are being urged to get rid of their old, outdated, and outdated Christmas trees in an effort to save the state’s economy from being hit by the end of winter.

The State Farm Insurance company says the tree was put up in the 1970s to help ease traffic congestion.

The state’s Department of Transportation says the trees are still in use and are only about 40 years old.

“It’s a great, great piece of history that needs to be removed and replaced,” said Mark McDonough, the state agency’s senior advisor for transportation planning and design.

State Farm Insurance says the agency’s current proposal to put up a new tree would cost about $25,000 to remove and replace.

It says it will also have to replace the trees in other locations that it owns.

McDonough says a tree can be removed from its stand and replaced at any point in time.