“Big, Big, Big Deal”: A Billion Dollars in Debt for a Family Of 4,000 in California

A family of four of nearly 4,200 people living in the San Joaquin Valley is about to pay $7.8 million in a $6.9 billion lawsuit for “economic, financial, and medical harm.”

The family of two, including two daughters, will file a lawsuit against the state of California, the city of Redding, the California Department of Public Health and the state’s Bureau of Land Management on behalf of their family members who are all elderly, disabled, and/or disabled by AIDS.

The lawsuit claims that in 2016, the family’s home was damaged by a wildfire, and the family received a $500,000 payment for the damage.

The lawsuit says the family was not able to pay their medical bills or their mortgage and has not been able to find a job since the fire destroyed their home.

The family is asking the court to force the state to provide them with relief for medical costs and other damages, including an unpaid $6,000 security deposit on their home in Redding.

The family’s lawsuit also seeks an unspecified amount in unpaid attorney fees.

“In the wake of the devastating wildfire that destroyed the family home and damaged their livelihood, the Plaintiffs were left destitute,” the lawsuit reads.

“With the help of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Plaintiff family has received an enormous amount of relief, including payments for medical care, lost wages, and property damages.”

“The family has been able in large part due to the efforts of the City of Redford, the state, and other public and private entities to protect and support the Plaintiff family,” the family claims.

“The City of San Joaquimans administration has repeatedly assured the Plaintifters that they are protected from the wildfire and its aftermath, and that it is a matter of priority for the City to provide relief.”

The lawsuit is being brought by attorney Jennifer Pinto, who is representing the plaintiffs.

“The plaintiffs are victims of a massive, devastating wildfire in their neighborhood, the only home in their home destroyed, the loss of a spouse and children, and now this lawsuit,” Pinto said in a statement.

“As the family has endured so much, they have been denied the basic resources that the city provides, including health care, food, utilities, and legal aid.

As a result, the plaintiffs are now forced to live in dire circumstances, paying more than $6 million in legal fees for the city, the public health department, and to pay to the court for their medical expenses and other property damages that are currently not covered by the lawsuit.”

The state is facing an estimated $6 billion in unpaid bills related to the wildfires that swept through the San Francisco Bay Area.

The state also faces the largest lawsuit in California history, which was filed against the city and county in 2015.