Why you should never be confused by ‘The Last of Us’ posters

IGN: What’s the biggest misconception people have about the first installment of The Last of US?

 The answer is that the first instalment is so similar to the first two that the former is a clear ripoff.

 For starters, the same guns, characters, locations, and dialogue are all present.

If you’re familiar with the first game, the guns and characters are almost identical.

The Last Of Us also has the same style of writing, but with a different style of music.

What’s different is the style of art used in both games.

In the first, Joel and Ellie are fighting off zombies in a town called The Last, where they encounter a few other characters.

This time, The Last is overrun with The Swarm.

They fight and die, and when Joel and his team return, the city is gone.

A few characters from the first film (the rest of the team is in The Ruins) are there as well, but they are not featured in the film.

Despite this, they are in the movie, and they are also present in The Last Of US.

But what makes The Last so similar is that it is set during the zombie pandemic.

There is no zombie apocalypse, but The Last contains plenty of references to The Last.

Take a look at the above trailer for The Last to see how the movie plays out.

That’s not to say the similarities are entirely coincidental.

Many games feature references to movies, comic books, and even books (like this book), but none have had the same level of influence on the film industry.

Even more, it’s not like the characters from The Last have changed.

You could argue that The Last has been made for the same reasons as other video game adaptations.

It’s been made to capitalize on the success of The First game, and The Last serves as a reminder of that success.

However, it also makes the movie look like it was made by a different team.

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