The New York Times Best of Pink Table Lamp

New York City’s best pink table lamps, like those in Los Angeles and New York, are a little hard to find these days, and you might not be able to find them online.

They’re available in most retailers and online at places like Etsy and Amazon.

But now, in honor of National Pink Table Lamps Day, the Times is celebrating pink table lamps with a big giveaway: a chance to win a pink table-lighting kit.

To enter, you need to be a pink luminary or a celebrity.

The winning entries will be announced at a special Pink Table Spotlight event in January, and then announced on February 16.

In case you’re still wondering why pink table lights are the best, the answer is simple: they’re bright and beautiful.

That’s why the Times calls them “beautiful.”

They are the perfect complement to a gorgeous cocktail, a dinner party, or a night out.

The pink table lighting kit is perfect for any occasion—whether it’s an anniversary party, a birthday, or just a quick night out, this lamp is the perfect way to bring out the best in yourself.

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