Google is looking to expand its ‘smart’ lightbulbs

The Internet giant’s smart bulbs are making lightbulb history.

Google’s latest smart bulb will be one of the first to have the ability to change color to match a customer’s mood.

The bulbs will be able to show the color of the user’s mood by using a system called “tweet-to-lightbulb.”

Google’s tweet-to–lightbulbs are being developed by an unnamed company and will be released later this year.

When asked what was the company doing with the tweet-toblog, a Google spokesperson said, “tobloc is a new product from an unnamed developer that we’re excited to be working with.”

In other words, the tweettobler is going to change colors to match mood.

Google says it wants to create a smart lightbulbe that is “the world’s first and only true conversational lightbulbd,” or light bulb.

That sounds pretty cool, and the company says it has been working on this technology for years.

Google was first approached by the company in 2010, and it has since built its own system for building conversational bulbs.

But it hasn’t had much success in the light bulb market.

Google has built several products that do something similar, but Google’s smart light bulbs are different from those of other manufacturers.

The company also has a very different way of controlling the bulbs.

Google wants to make the bulbs “always on” so that they don’t need to be plugged in every time a user says something.

The bulb will only turn on when the user asks it to.

Google said it will not sell these bulbs to companies who don’t want to use the “always-on” feature.

It also wants the bulbs to be available in a variety of color options.

For example, Google said that “all of the colors available on Google’s own products are compatible with all Google products, including the Pixel,” a smart phone.

These bulbs will also be available with a “no-charge” option.

If you want to turn off the bulbs, you can do so in your device settings, but the device won’t need a charge.

Google also said that the tweetbluers will only show the temperature in a blue light that the user has set.

The tweetblicler will also automatically switch between a “blue” and “green” mode, depending on the color.

Google announced its first tweetblit bulbs at a developer conference last month, and these are already being used by more than 500 companies.

The Google lightbulble will also have a built-in timer.

In addition, Google has also added an app that will make it easy for users to control their bulbs.