New table lamp sets for 2019 from $2,500 to $4,000

New table lamps are getting a much-needed refresh this year with the arrival of a new generation of models from the European manufacturer Axios.

These new tables are expected to be available in 2019 at prices ranging from $1,500 for a standard-sized unit to $3,000 for a more spacious one.

While most of the new models are being sold through Axios’ online store, a few of the larger models are also available at the retail outlet.

Here are some of the most noteworthy table lamps from Axios: Axios Black & White Lamps Axios is a Scandinavian brand that has a history of offering high-end table lamps.

The brand recently launched two new models in the Black & Black series, which is currently in production.

The Black & Red models offer a range of features, including a high-performance, non-slip base for optimal comfort and a low-profile base that also has a built-in fan.

These models are available in a range from $3.75 to $6.95, and the Black& White models are priced at $3 and $4.75, respectively.

Axios also announced the introduction of a line of high-quality, nonslip, wood-finished table lamps with a price range of $3 to $9, and a new wood-based lamp with a range between $2.50 and $5.

The Axios Wood-Fired Table Lamp is currently available for $2 to $8, and is available for the first time in 2019.

The Wood-fired lamp comes in a number of different configurations.

The popular Black & Green one comes with a black base with white LEDs, a green base with a blue light, and white LEDs that switch on when a user touches the base.

The other two are Black & Brown, which has a brown base with red LEDs, and Black & Blue, which features a red base with blue LEDs.

The company also unveiled a line that features a Black & Bronze base with black LEDs, which comes with an 8-watt bulb and a 15-wamp bulb.

Axiolos White & Black Lamps While the Axiolo wood-fired table lamp is available in both a Black and White finish, the Axiomans Wood-fired table lamp comes with the white base.

In addition to offering the white finish, Axiom’s White & White comes with two other color options, one with black and one with white.

Axiom offers two models for the Wood- fired lamp, which offers a range starting at $2 and $6, respectively, while the Black-fused and White-firing models are currently priced at about $3 each.

Axio Black & Silver Lamps In the Black and Silver line, Axios introduces a new model, the Black Gold.

The base is made of a high quality material, and it comes in either a Black or Silver finish.

The new Black & Gold is priced at approximately $2 a unit, and there are currently two Black &Silver models available at Axiom.

The White & Silver comes in both the Black Silver and Black Gold, and they are priced between $3 a unit and $9 a unit.

Axion Silver & White Table Lamps These models come in both Black and Black Black, and both of them feature a unique wood base with different color options.

The two models feature a wood base that can be customized with two different types of LED, each of which can be switched on when the base is touched.

These two models are compatible with any Axiom LED, and each can be individually controlled.

Axiom Silver & Black Table Lamp Axiom has just released the Black, Silver and White table lamps in 2018.

The models are now priced between about $1 and $3 apiece, with the Black Black & and White being the cheapest options.

Axial Silver & Brown Table Lamp While the base of the Silver & white table lamps is made from wood, the base also features LED technology.

These lights feature a low power consumption, high light output, and high temperature resistance that can last up to 300 hours of use.

Axiods Silver & Blue Table Lumiess The Silver & blue table lamps come in a variety of colors, including red, white, black, and blue.

The Silver and blue lights are priced from $0.25 to $0,39 each, and are compatible to any Axiola LED.

The most expensive of the all three of these lights is the Silver, Black & & & Brown with an all-metal base that features an LED, while others include the Black with a base made of metal and the White with a plastic base that has LED technology built in.

Axia Blue & Black Light The Axia table lamp has a base with LED technology and a base that is also made from metal