The silver table lamps that make you think ‘country’

When you think of country, the name may conjure images of the rugged, rugged landscape of the Appalachians.

But a new set of table lamps from the company Silver Table Lamps has you thinking of something entirely different: a country dinner table.

“We’re bringing back the country table lamp for those of us who love to dine out, and we want to make sure it looks and feels great,” said Marcie DeBrye, senior vice-president of product development and product management for Silver Table.

The new table lamps come with a silver base and reflectors that give them an authentic look.

The table lamps are available in silver, red, gold and bronze, with prices ranging from $39.95 to $109.95.

They can be ordered in silver or bronze, silver, silver-tipped or bronze-touched, and the two sizes come in a variety of finishes.

The silver base comes with a built-in light and the base plate can be removed and replaced.

DeBriek said silver table lights are a great way to enhance any room.

“They’re really versatile,” she said.

DeBraye said silver tables are a lot of fun to look at. “

You can get really fancy with them and they’re really affordable.”

DeBraye said silver tables are a lot of fun to look at.

“The silver is an excellent material, so you can have it just sitting there, you can look at it and see the reflections,” she added.

“It’s very beautiful.”

There’s an element of tradition behind the silver table fixtures.

Silver Table has been producing the table lamps for about a decade.

The company is still working on the final product, which will be called Silver Table Gold.

But DeBraes said there are some key elements of the new lamps.

“One of the things that really sets us apart is that we don’t just make these table lamps,” DeBrey said.

The lighting is built to last, she said, so they will last a lifetime.

“What we’re looking at is that these are fixtures that will look great for five or 10 years,” she explained.

“Then you could go and replace them.”

DeReyes said she wanted the tables to be timeless.

“I want people to look back and say, ‘I was there,'” she said of the silver lamps.

The tables are available online and in stores starting Feb. 27.

They’ll be available at the Silver Table booth at the Canadian International Trade Centre.

“People can just pick them up and put them on and they’ll look great,” she emphasized.

“But it’s also very cool and it’s a great opportunity for us to give back.”

Silver Table plans to open more countries in the coming years.

DeReeves said the company hopes to add the United States to the list.