How to Build Your Own DIY Console Table Lamp

I’ve got the space to keep my old desk lamp.

If I want to upgrade, I’ll have to look elsewhere.

So I picked up a $400,000 (or $6,700) LED kitchen light kit from Ikea, and I set to work.

The first thing I did was replace the light bulbs.

That meant adding a set of 4 of the 12 bulbs.

And that’s when I had a problem.

I’ve spent the last two weeks on the couch, trying to get the LEDs to light up.

And I’m starting to realize I’ve become addicted to the lights.

For me, they make everything more interesting.

It’s the sort of light that you can’t see, so you have to focus on the light.

I spent several days trying to keep it at bay, but I couldn’t get the lamp to actually light up, let alone light up correctly.

I found a way to fix it, and that was to take the existing light bulbs and solder them into the sockets.

I then soldered a second set of LEDs into the original sockets.

That way, I could put a new set of lights on the shelf.

Then, I added a little extra material to the underside of the lamp, so that the LED lamps would sit flush against the wall.

Finally, I installed a few new shelves and added shelves and shelves and more shelves.

I have a whole bunch of shelves to put on, and the shelves on the top shelf were just too tall.

I’m pretty happy with how the lamps look.

I think I could do with a little more color.

But if you’re interested in making your own console lamp, here’s a quick video walkthrough.