The Israeli PM: I want peace with Hamas, not peace with Arabs

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke on Sunday of the need to establish “a state of national unity” and pledged to continue negotiations with Hamas.

The Israeli leader made the comments at the opening of the Israel-Gaza negotiations in Cairo.

“I don’t want peace between Arabs and Jews, I want to establish a state of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

“But the time for negotiations is not far off.

We will work together and we will get it done.

We want to be part of a solution.”

The comments came as the Israeli parliament voted overwhelmingly to extend the Gaza blockade to the territory, despite Israel’s insistence that the blockade has no legal basis.

The Hamas government in Gaza has called for the end of the blockade, saying it will allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

Hamas has accused Israel of “stalling” on its end of a long-running ceasefire.

Israel said in January that the Gaza conflict was “not about the borders of the state of Palestine, it is about the people of Gaza”.