How to make your own fun, quirky and unique furniture

This week, I was asked to do a series of posts on how to make furniture for the kids of all ages.

This post will focus on one particular kind of table lamp that’s been on my wishlist for some time.

I’ve always wanted to try a funky table lamp.

This lamp was my first purchase from Ikea and it has always been one of the most popular.

It has two different styles of lamp that I really enjoy.

One style is a simple black and white lamp with a big red dot on the top and bottom.

This type of lamp was a big hit with my family. 

The other style is called a “chimney lamp”.

This lamp is a bit more colorful and fun to make.

It’s a bit like a chimney lamp, except the lamp has a big blue dot on top and below it.

The chimney light comes with a red dot.

This is the style I prefer.

I really like the light it gives off and it’s very easy to make the lamp.

The table lamp itself is a big black and blue lamp that has a little dot on it.

It also comes with one of those red dot lamps that you can use to light up the table lamp when it’s not being lit up. 

It’s actually a great lamp to use as a table lamp because it’s easy to build and the lamp comes with two different colors of lamp.

I was excited to see that Ikea sells these lamps as table lamps and I was able to order mine from Ikeas online store for $49.95. 

Ikea is also one of my favorite online retailers for furniture.

I love their deals on furniture, books, accessories, and so much more. 

In addition to the table lamps that I purchased, I also have an Ikea chair and a big ol’ Ikea couch. 

Here’s how to build your own Ikea table lamp: 1. 

Lay out the lamp parts. 

You’ll need the following things: a black and black table lamp (I love Ikea’s big table lamps because they’re really fun to paint) a lamp head (I used this one from Ikeaa) and two red dot lamp heads (one for each style of lamp). 

 To make the table lights, you’ll need to cut out the lamps.

Cut out the two lamp heads and glue them together. 

Then cut out a piece of fabric.

You can use a regular black fabric or you can choose a bright color like yellow or blue. 

Cut out two pieces of fabric to match your lamp head.

You should have about two inches of fabric on the outside of the lamp head so you can trim the fabric a little bit to get the lamp to fit. 

 You can trim this fabric down as much as you want. 

This is where the lamp heads come in.

Cut two piece of white fabric and cut two pieces into two long pieces. 

That’s the lamphead piece. 

To glue the lampheads together, glue the two fabric pieces together.

That’s the head piece.