The $1.3M Rosemount Solar Table Lamp Will Be $1,000 This Spring

Posted January 12, 2018 04:08:01 A new solar table Lamp, the first ever produced in the United States, will sell for $1 million on this spring.

The $1 Million Rosemount Table Lamp is made by the same company that built the $1M Rose Mount Table Lamp, which sold for $2 million in 2014.

The $200,000 Rosemount table lamp sold for a record $1 billion in 2016.

The new $1 Mill is the first of a line of new solar lamp designs from the company.

It features a curved, curved glass base, a stainless steel stem, and a 12-inch blade.

The Rosemount lamp is the latest in a line that has already been announced.

In 2014, Rosemount sold a $200 million Solar Powered Light Table Lamp that sold for more than $1 trillion.

The lamp was one of the most popular and successful products on Amazon, according to the company’s website.

In 2017, the company announced the creation of a $500 million Solar Table Light that sells for $300 million.

The Solar Table lamp will have a more efficient bulb that uses less energy and a longer life span, according a company blog.

Rosemount said the new solar light will be the most energy-efficient and longest-lasting in the company history.

The company said the $500,000 lamp will also last two years when plugged in.

Rosemont, the parent company of the Rosemount company, said the Rosemont solar lamp has the most photovoltaic power in the industry, at nearly 6 megawatts.

Rosemount’s latest Solar Table light will also use more solar power, the blog said.